September 2008 - Inciter
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Wal-Mart? Really?

A recent Fast Company blog talked about Wal-Mart's practices, which often force other smaller companies out of business. Wal-Mart has a bad reputation for how it treats its vendors and its unfriendly behavior toward employees.As a native of Arkansas, I remember the days when Sam Walton used to drive around in his beat-up old pick-up truck and they took the magazine Tiger Beat off the shelves because they thought it was too racy. I've seen small towns altered by the presence of Wal-Mart and watched as people slowly transitioned from visiting small (and not so small) neighborhood stores to shopping at Wal-Mart for everything from paper towels to groceries to car tires.So I was surprised to read that Wal-Mart is further enhancing it's newly minted green credentials by creating an environmentally...

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If you don’t care, at least fake it

The other day I had the illuminating experience of dealing with two car rental companies in the same day. I had booked a Zipcar for a trip to Richmond to meet with a client. I needed a reliable car service that I could catch from the train station in Washington, D.C. and the Zipcar system is really an amazing one. Zipcar has cars located strategically close to public transportation systems in urban areas and college towns. The idea is that once you are a member of Zipcar, you use the online registration system to book the car, then just show up with your key card, get in, and drive away. So this particular morning I arrived at the train station in Springfield, Virginia and there was no Zipcar there.None. As...

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