October 2008 - Inciter
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Go the Extra Mile

It's a no-brainer, don't you think? That a company should try just a little harder to make their customers feel special? And I don't mean "flowers and candy" special, just a little something thoughtful. The kind of every day little things partners do for each other (if they have a successful partnership).As you may have noticed, the CRC website was hacked earlier this week. We had it back up and running within a couple of hours. Our website technician explained that the hackers had added popular keywords (mostly related to sex and prescription medicines) and then directed bots to keep hitting the site. It was a purely destructive act designed to shut down the site. What happens is, the site gets overloaded, and Network Solutions servers notice this overload, and...

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Just like Sisyphus

A colleague of mine recently had a problem with her new Toshiba laptop. Actually, she had many problems lasting many months that resulted in the replacement of most of the components of the laptop before it would work properly. During her initial phone consultation with Toshiba's help desk, she was told to restore the operating system. Now, I don't know if you've ever had to do this, but it basically involves wiping out your entire hard drive, re-installing Windows, and re-installing all of your OTHER software as well. It can take the better part of a day to return your computer to its original state.But it's worth it if it works, right? The problem was, restoring the system didn't work. And every time she called Toshiba after that, they would...

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Oh, Verizon

Just the other day at the Baltimore Business Journal's Best Places to Work Luncheon, I ran into a colleague who had recently moved. He had a horror story about Verizon. Just like many other people I have spoken to, and consistent with my own experience, Verizon delayed the connection of his new service, left him without service, and forced him to make literally more than a dozen calls to their customer service center. Verizon suffers from the basic inability to pretend they care that you don't have service (See, if you don't care, at least fake it. Sometimes they give you a lackluster "I'm sorry". Verizon regularly violates rule number one of addressing customer complaints, "Be accessible to your customers". When people have to wait 30 minutes to speak to...

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