May 2011 - Inciter
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Successful Use of Mixed-Method Design for Project Evaluation

A number of our evaluation projects are community based, and at times grants are funded to unite community agencies, so they can work more closely together to achieve their goals. How do you determine how well organizations are collaborating? How do you improve their collaboration? As a result, we're always looking for evaluation tools that are straightforward and provide complete, easily interpretable results.In their 2009 study, Cross and colleagues1 evaluated interagency collaboration using a mixed-method design, which is not an easy task. They approached it from a variety of perspectives, and incorporated qualitative and quantitative data that included network analysis. To completely evaluate this mixed-use approach, they:Held focus groups (qualitative) to determine agency classifications and linkagesCollected ratings of linkage (quantitative): networking, alliance, partnership, coalition, collaboration, and no contact.Combined the information...

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