September 2011 - Inciter
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Managerial Training for Nonprofit Directors

A recent New York Times article by Stephanie Strom describes how two philanthropists, Pierre Omidyar of eBay and Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance, have each created a nonprofit organization to serve other nonprofits. The primary goal of The Omidyar Network and The Management Center is to provide business consulting services and human resource advice that will improve the managerial skills among directors of nonprofits.Often, leaders in nonprofit organizations are promoted based on their experience or content knowledge, without necessarily having the business skills needed to run the organization.Omidyar and Lewis see the lack of management training within nonprofits as a critical issue to address. They have gone so far as to make their funding contingent on the organization receiving managerial training.Strom's article quotes several recipients of their managerial training, and...

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