May 2014 - Inciter
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Contracting 101: Accounting for People

by Kevin MajorosIt was pretty obvious from an early age that I would be working with numbers for a living as an adult. By the time I was seven, I could memorize the bowling averages, games bowled, and pin count totals of all 60 members of my mother’s bowling league.  Every week I would sit at a table in the bowling alley with the league stats in front of me while frightening women with bouffants walked by with questions like, “Hey kid, what do I need to bowl this week to raise my average to 170?”  My mother bowled in three leagues weekly and I always had the answers for any questions about the numbers.My father was the bartender at the same bowling alley and I was allowed to run around...

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Secrets from the Data Cave: April 2014

by Ashley FahertyWelcome to CRC’s monthly series of articles on all things techie: Secrets from the Data Cave! (For those who don’t know, the title references our room — fondly referred to as “the bat cave”— where data staff can geek out in an isolated setting.) Here we’ll be offering you a fascinating sneak peek into the cave, with the latest updates & tips on what we’re implementing here at CRC!April 2014:  Building Online Brochures for DummiesLet’s be frank: print advertising is going the way of the Dodo bird (RIP Mr. Dodo). Pamphlets, flyers, and brochures received in the mail(or in-person from a persistent kiosk salesperson while you’re walking through the mall, just trying to get your coffee fix) typically end up in the recycling bin or in a giant stack on your...

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