August 2014 - Inciter
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Baltimore Data and Evaluation Meetup

  The Baltimore Data and Evaluation Meetup, recently created by CRC, is a group for people working at nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies who are interested in collecting and using data to improve their programs. Whether you are trying to figure out where to start, wrestling with providing data to funders, figuring out what outcomes you should be measuring, or analyzing and reporting on the data you already collect, this meetup is for you. All levels of expertise are welcome. Participants will discuss the issues they are facing and share ideas and resources in order to practically solve problems. At least one skilled evaluation professional will be present at every session. We are hoping to develop a group where people from different organizations can bring questions about evaluation, share ideas, and...

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CRC’s “Dumbphone” User

by Tracy DusablonEach CRC staff person is assigned a month in which to write a blog – this month it was my turn. At first, I was wracking my brain to come up with something instructive, like in my colleague Sarah’s series Secrets from the Data Cave, or hip like Sheila’s post about Data Driven Detroit. Instead, I decided to write about something  that sets me apart from my co-workers, and tell a little story about our office in the process. The other day I was checking office voicemail online (we have an internet phone system) and came across this funny-looking icon. I noted how non-self-explanatory this icon was and, out of curiosity, asked a few co-workers if they knew what it meant. The conversation went a little something like this:Me:...

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