January 2015 - Inciter
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Secrets from the Data Cave: January 2015

By: Sarah  Welcome to CRC’s monthly series of articles on all things techie: Secrets from the Data Cave! (For those who don’t know, the title references our room — fondly referred to as “the bat cave”— where data staff can geek out in an isolated setting.) Here we’ll be offering you a sneak peek into the cave, with tips and the latest updates on what we’re implementing here at CRC.(This month's SDC is an on-the-road edition!)  Late last fall, I had the opportunity to go to phpworld 2014, a conference for PHP code developers, held in Washington DC. Many different web applications use the programming language PHP, so coders have a myriad of options for deploying it (including, but not limited to, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, and Magneto). This conference is designed to bring these...

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Data Visualization Predictions for 2015

By: Taj and SarahTechnology is always changing and evolving, and data visualization technology is no exception. While the term “infographic” was once unfamiliar to most people, fun visualizations are now regularly spotted on Facebook and Twitter feeds for both individuals and businesses. But just how much can we expect to see change within a year? In the spirit of the New Year, we are posting a few predictions on where we think data viz is headed in 2015 and beyond: Microsoft Office: it can do a lot more than you thinkWith all the integrated apps and changes in Office 2013, you can really accomplish some amazing visualizations using nothing more than your trusty old Microsoft Office software. But the fact is that a lot of people don’t use it to its...

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