May 2015 - Inciter
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What Breastfeeding in the U.S. Looks Like

CRC's dataviz team recently completed a comprehensive and beautiful infographic documenting breastfeeding statistics in the United States.Our hope is that this infographic can play a part in spreading the word about this important issue.  From a public health standpoint, the medical benefits of breastfeeding are well established.* Breast milk provides babies with all the necessary fats, proteins, and vitamins they need for healthy growth and development. Among other benefits, antibodies in breast milk can help babies fight infections and reduce the risk developing asthma and allergies. Moms who breastfeed experience benefits too. Breastfeeding can help mom lose her pregnancy weight (through the calories it burns) and can protect her against breast and ovarian cancers. In addition to the physical benefits, time spent breastfeeding also helps nurture the bond between mom and...

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We LOVE Maps: Map out your summer!

As we've said in the past, we at CRC LOVE MAPS. They're useful and (often) beautiful, helping us to make all kinds of decisions in research and daily life. Some of you have been following our interest in maps at the Baltimore DataMind blog, but to make sure more of our readers get to see that content, starting with this post we're "folding" the BDM blog in here. So now, along with the evaluation news, data tricks, and dataviz tips you've come to expect from CRC's blog, expect to learn more about making and using maps. We also hope to show you a lot of just plain cool ones, starting with this one, created by our own Matthew Earls. Baltimoreans' love of festivals is possibly even greater than our love of maps!...

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