October 2017 - Inciter
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Data Modeling 101: The What? Why? and When?

by Dana  What is a Data Model? In semi-technical terms, “A data model is a set of symbols and text used for communicating a precise representation of an information landscape.” (Hoberman, 2016, p.13). In layman’s terms (i.e., my interpretation) a data model is similar to a blueprint used when building a house. It contains lines and shapes denoting the location of where the different rooms will be located, and where the different pipes and wirings will go, so that the builders can use it as reference during the construction of the house.  The process of creating a data model is called data modeling.   3 Types of Data Models   1. Conceptual data models (CMDs): Higher level model that includes only business rules and concepts with a defined scope. This model is created...

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