April 2018 - Inciter
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How Your Data Can Tell a (True) Story

by Jill & MandiInformation graphics and visualization expert Alberto Cairo caused a bit of a stir last fall when he bluntly tweeted his opinion that data journalism and visualization should stop using the term “storytelling”. "Storytelling" is a term that ought to be abandoned in journalism, #dataviz, data, etc. It has no meaning and leads to the wrong mindset https://t.co/5cEv184UsD— Alberto Cairo (@albertocairo) September 11, 2017  In the replies, he subsequently clarified that the word need not be abandoned if used properly, but should be considered problematic and approached with caution. However, he later went on to double-down on his initial sentiments earlier this year in another tweet, again eliciting much consternation and gnashing of teeth from his followers.  An argument based on evidence and careful reasoning is not a...

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