July 2018 - Inciter
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We Need a Data Nerd

Do you love colored pens? Making to do lists? Do you like the idea of working with social service programs that help make people’s lives better? Do you have a killer work ethic, but seek a relaxed work environment?Inciter could be for you, if. . . You are described by friends and co-workers as "kick ass," in the nicest possible way. You are competent, creative, trustworthy, engaging, organized, and an all around people person. You love numbers and data, but you understand that people who provide social services don’t, and often make a mess of them. And you’d like to be the one who helps them sort it out. You are a fiend for details, enjoy entering and analyzing data, organizing minutiae and making order out of chaos. You are a juggling genius and master of...

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At Inciter, we help clients measure impact, communicate, and fundraise through research, visualization, and data systems. We’re proud of our exceptional research and evaluation expertise (to say nothing of our enthusiasm for color coding), and we use all of that to make research productive and even (dare we say) fun. We’re not just a bunch of number crunchers sitting behind computers ready to throw data at people and send them on their way. We love what we do. We have a passion for data, and for making a difference. As a consulting firm, we work with clients large and small, including foundations and nonprofits. We we work with clients in many areas, including public health, education, housing, workforce development, and many others. Most (but not all) of our clients are located...

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