November 2020 - Inciter
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Never Endure Another Data Migration

“We need a new data system”. The stuff of dreams and nightmares. Whether you aren’t storing the right data in your system, or you can’t get what you want out of it, you either have considered a new data system, or you were in the process of implementing one.So you got everyone on board, figured out what you needed out of a data system, did an inventory of your current systems, lined up the funding, and now …it’s taking twice as long and costing twice as much as you planned.These are the things we see all the time:You have a set budget, and it’s a one-time spend. You get bids from vendors, or even from your IT department and halfway through the project whoever is building it tells you it...

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Data Visualization Design Tip: Using a Style Guide

Everybody Needs Style. Why You Need a Style Guide for Your Data Visualization.We are big fans of efficiency at Inciter. We like to make our lives easier, and we LOVE to make your lives easier. If you are doing any kind of data visualization, this post will save you time and a lot of annoyance. And who doesn't love to improve their data visualization design?What is a Style Guide?A style guide is a document that describes, defines and presents examples of how you should use style elements when communicating. For the Accountable Health Communities Model evaluation we did with RTI, we developed a style guide that would essentially create a brand for the project throughout it’s life, as well as allow us to have clear standards for design related to...

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