A cloud-based data system for nonprofits and social service organizations.

With Incite you can easily enter data, lookup information, and view and interact with your data with our powerful reporting interface. Upload and export data all you want, Incite also plays well with other databases.

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How Are We Different?

  • Beautiful. Simple and easy to use interface. No clutter, nothing your organization doesn’t need, just your data, your forms, and your reports. Training? You won’t even need it.

  • Plays well with others. We connect to other data sources so you don’t have to re-enter data into our system or anyone else’s. Double or triple data entry? A thing of the past.

  • Friendly. With Incite you don’t need to hire staff to manage the data system. We build and manage everything, and provide unlimited customer support. So your staff can focus on what they do best.

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Built to your workflow

We work with you to understand what data you are collecting and how you use it. Then we build the system to fit how you work instead of making you work to fit our data system. No round-peg-square-hole retrofitting here.

Get Your Data Out Whenever You Want

This isn’t data jail. Any time you want, you can export all your data and do whatever you want with it. We don’t judge.

Reports are as Interactive as You Want Them

Reports? Drill down into and play around with your data, look at the charts and graphs you need, even export to excel or CSV. It’s all up to you.

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What Clients are Saying

“Incite provides a safe, secure platform for client information and provides our staff easy access to information essential to assist any client who calls. Inciter staff worked with us, customizing our database to record information specific to our program, clients, and changing funders’ requirements, making reporting a wide range of data possible and easy.”

“Incite has been an incredibly useful tool for our agency to collect data from our multiple partners. Incite staff are reliable, responsive, and very helpful. They really listen and use their data expertise to tailor our database specifically for us!”

What to expect with Incite

Transitioning to a new data system can be a pain. We make sure we understand your program, your data, and what you need before we even begin.

Our Process


We learn about you, your staff, and your program. We ask questions about who enters data and how. We find out what reports you need, who needs them, and how they are used.


We document your forms, data you need to import and export to other systems, and what reports you will need and who needs them.


We build out some basic components of the system, and then have your staff try out the system to make sure it’s easy to use and makes sense to them. We incorporate feedback as we build.


We complete the build, do more user testing, incorportate your feedback, and launch once you and your staff have everything they need.

Still have questions? Not sure what you need? We’re here to help! No sales pitch here. Just real conversations about your data needs.

About us

We Make Data Easy(er)

We help nonprofits create impact by improving donor experience and targeting their fundraising efforts. We do this by getting the most out of the data they already collect.

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