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At Inciter, we help clients measure impact, communicate, and fundraise through research, visualization, and data systems. Were proud of our exceptional research and evaluation expertise (to say nothing of our enthusiasm for color coding), and we use all of that to make research productive and even (dare we say) fun. Were not just a bunch of number crunchers sitting behind computers ready to throw data at people and send them on their way. We love what we do. We have a passion for data, and for making a difference.

As a consulting firm, we work with clients large and small, including foundations and nonprofits. We we work with clients in many areas, including public health, education, housing, workforce development, and many others. Most (but not all) of our clients are located in the mid-Atlantic region.

We specialize in applied research. That means people actually use our work to make programs and services better and to make strategic decision. We have a collegial attitude and company culture–doing great work for our clients and having fun along the way. Check us out on the web, FB and Twitter and see for yourself.

Inciter is hiring a Director of Research and Evaluation. This person will have research and evaluation skills, as well as consulting skills. The Director is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing evaluation activities, including literature reviews, research/evaluation design, data collection, data analysis, interpretation, reporting, and dissemination. In addition to management and consulting skills, the ideal candidate will have a highly evolved sense of the role evaluation can play in program improvement. We tend to have a Developmental Evaluation approach, so openness to emergent evaluation in a community-based setting is important, in addition to knowledge of traditional evaluation approaches. The position involves considerable cross-disciplinary work and will offer opportunities for exploring relationships among policy, practice, and research.

We are looking for exceptional professionals with a love of data, a love for learning new things, and the ability to be flexible and adaptable. We value people with diverse personal and professional experiences and backgrounds, as we believe this makes for stronger and more agile teams. also strongly believe that a diversity of experience and backgrounds strengthens our team and our collective ability to make a meaningful difference.


The ideal candidate will have experience not only implementing research but also designing and managing research and researchers in an applied setting. Qualified candidates will have three or more years of experience (preferably in a management or consulting setting) in addition to a graduate degree. This position will provide leadership and support to all evaluation and research projects at CRC and will collaborate closely with the CEO on data visualization and software projects. Interest in visualization or design and technology is a plus.

We are looking for a candidate with the following skills:

  • **Research and/or Evaluation Design: **Experience designing various of types and sizes of research studies or evaluations, in a variety of topical areas and of varying sizes. The candidate should have experience with the use of mixed method approaches. Experience designing research in applied settings, including working closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure the information is useful and meaningful to their work is essential.
  • **Consulting: **Research in a consulting firm requires the ability to manage staff, communicate with clients and stakeholders, develop budgets, and write proposals.
  • **Flexibility: **Must be open to learning new methods and approaches, able to quickly understand new areas of research, and able to adapt research designs in response to changing needs and environments; as consultants we are required to effectively deal with ambiguity and
  • **Necessary Quantitative Skills: **Intermediate or advance knowledge of inferential statistics; intermediate or advanced skills in a statistical analysis program; and skill in interpreting the results of quantitative analysis and writing research and evaluation reports.
  • **Necessary Qualitative Skills: **Experience analyzing qualitative data including comparative analysis across cases/informants.
  • **Participatory Research: **Experience working with communities and stakeholders in the development, implementation, and interpretation of
  • **Appreciation for Data Visualization and Technology: **While the candidate does not have to have experience with, or the skills to implement data visualization or technology projects, they are almost always a component of the work we do, so an appreciation for the value of both is essential.
  • **Objectivity: **Strong objectivity in the design and implementation of research.

You don’t have to be in Baltimore, but in the region would be necessary. To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to taj@inciter.io. No phone calls, please.