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“Can I Have a Moment of Your Time?” Overcoming Survey Burn Out by Showing Value

“Please be sure to go to the website on the bottom of the receipt to fill out our survey!”  If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping, eaten fast food, or shopped at a major retailer, you’ve heard these words spoken by a cashier at some point. In the age of big data, seemingly no venue is immune from solicitations to take a survey of some sort, be it online or in-person.  With this oversaturation of survey propositions, the question for the consumer then becomes: what’s the value of actually completing this survey – is it really worth my time? And as evaluators faced with this situation, in which our potential survey respondents are already feeling burnt out (and even more so if they’re part of an over-researched community) the question is...

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Contracting 101: Accounting for People

by Kevin MajorosIt was pretty obvious from an early age that I would be working with numbers for a living as an adult. By the time I was seven, I could memorize the bowling averages, games bowled, and pin count totals of all 60 members of my mother’s bowling league.  Every week I would sit at a table in the bowling alley with the league stats in front of me while frightening women with bouffants walked by with questions like, “Hey kid, what do I need to bowl this week to raise my average to 170?”  My mother bowled in three leagues weekly and I always had the answers for any questions about the numbers.My father was the bartender at the same bowling alley and I was allowed to run around...

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Are All Customers Created Equal?

Are all customers created equal?Many businesses have a "one size fits all" approach to customer service. If the service is good, then customers will be satisfied with their experience, right?But it's not that simple. What works for one customer may not do the trick for another. Different customers value different aspects of a service.Anderson, Pearo and Widener discuss the concept of service-dominated logic in their recent article, Drivers of Service Satisfaction, published in The Journal of Service Research. The authors looked at different segments of airline passengers, to find out how gender, age, income and flying experience impacted their satisfaction with flying.Here are a few of the things that they learned but looking at a database of over 20,000 airline customers:While income did not have a big impact on how...

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