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Tools to Make Data Cleaning Easier

Cleaning, wrangling, munging, preparation, validation, ETL, transformation, ELT… these are all different names for “making data more useful.” Whether you’re doing one-off analysis, scheduled reports analytics, or integrating two different data systems or applications, when you work with data, data cleaning is an important part of almost all data processes. Data cleaning is taking data as-is and changing the content, structure or format to be more useful. Removing blank rows and deleting invalid addresses are examples of data cleaning. Data cleaning can be the most laborious part of a data analysis project. At Inciter, we use tools to streamline the process and save us hours of tedious work.There are a seemingly endless number of tools to assist in the process of data cleaning. Some of them can only be used...

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5 Mistakes That Kill Survey Data (and How to Avoid Them)

Whether you are getting feedback from program participants, members, donors or other stakeholders, an online survey can be the easiest and most efficient way to do it. Of course, online surveys are not a one size fits all solution for collecting data to answer your burning questions, but they can be a cost effective method to gather certain data for your organization. No matter your field or audience, you have to follow some best practices if you want to make use of your data.At Inciter, we develop surveys for a variety of reasons. And if you already have a survey but think you could be doing more with it, we can help you clean up your instrument and fine tune your questions, too. By asking good questions about what...

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