We LOVE Maps: Map out your summer!

Posted on May 29, 2015 | in Uncategorized | by CRC

As we’ve said in the past, we at CRC LOVE MAPS. They’re useful and (often) beautiful, helping us to make all kinds of decisions in research and daily life.

Some of you have been following our interest in maps at the Baltimore DataMind blog, but to make sure more of our readers get to see that content, starting with this post we’re “folding” the BDM blog in here. So now, along with the evaluation news, data tricks, and dataviz tips you’ve come to expect from CRC’s blog, expect to learn more about making and using maps. We also hope to show you a lot of just plain cool ones, starting with this one, created by our own Matthew Earls.

Baltimoreans' love of festivals is possibly even greater than our love of maps! This map uses an interactive and chronological format to map out all the festivals in-town this summer. Use it to map out your summer plans!