We Need a Data Nerd

Posted on July 24, 2018 | in Uncategorized | by Taj Carson

Do you love colored pens? Making to do lists? Do you like the idea of working with social service programs that help make peoples lives better? Do you have a killer work ethic, but seek a relaxed work environment?

Inciter could be for you,

if. . .

You are described by friends and co-workers as “kick ass,” in the nicest possible way. You are competent, creative, trustworthy, engaging, organized, and an all around people person.

You love numbers and data, but you understand that people who provide social services dont, and often make a mess of them. And youd like to be the one who helps them sort it out.

You are a fiend for details, enjoy entering and analyzing data, organizing minutiae and making order out of chaos.

You are a juggling genius and master of the deadline, and like the idea of being someones right hand to support them in running complex projects.

You show up to every meeting at least five minutes before it starts.

In college, when people asked “is this going to be on the test?”, you rolled your eyes.

Why Inciter?

Our staff help clients build their capacity to conduct needs assessments and evaluations and engage in effective planning for their programs and organizations. We work with government agencies as well as non-profits and private foundations in all fields of social service.

We do applied research. That means people actually use our work to make programs and services better for people.

About the position

This is a full-time position with benefits, and requires you to work at our office in Hampden, and travel to client meetings. Some remote work may be an option.

To put your hat in the ring, please reply to this ad with the following:

Your resume. A cover letter that explains how your skills and background fit the criteria described above and something interesting about yourself. (The last guy we hired had a great story about meeting Russian mafia members, so don’t hesitate to be your interesting self.). This position requires a beginner/intermediate level of research skill and 2-3 years of work experience. Bonus points if you have two years experience working in a research or nonprofit environment. Double bonus points if you know some Python.

Please send resumes and cover letters to Taj Carson at taj@inciter.io.