Inciter | Sarah
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Sarah McCruden, B.A., helps clients to get the most out of the data they collect. Since graduating from Johns Hopkins University in 2009, she has gained extensive experience in designing, building, and providing ongoing support in developing Microsoft Access databases, as well as providing support and technical assistance to clients using Social Solutions’ Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) software. In addition to writing SQL-based database queries and creating quarterly and monthly aggregate reports for many of CRC’s clients, Sarah specializes in helping organizations select a data storage system that will work best for their individual needs, and provides guidance in developing those systems as they grow. Her previous experience includes database design and research with employers including the Johns Hopkins Department of Neurosurgery in Clinical Trials and Biostatistics and the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Research and Education for Autism in Children. As a database expert, Sarah is great with numbers. Therefore, she is fully aware that she is one cat away from an official designation as a cat lady.