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Dr. Taj Carson is the CEO and founder of Carson Research Consulting, where she oversees all aspects of CRC. She ensures that CRC is responsive to client needs, provides accessible information, and makes life easier for the people we work with. Dr. Carson has been working in the field of evaluation since 1997 and has conducted evaluations with federal government programs; state, county, and city agencies and organizations; and nonprofits. She specializes in research and evaluation that can be used to improve organizations and program performance. She has extensive experience in all phases of evaluation, including logic model development, evaluation design, capacity building for evaluation, training, qualitative and quantitative methods, and data visualization. And that’s just the beginning. Prior to founding CRC she assisted with the development of logic models for national cross-site evaluations, including Safe Start and the Greenbook initiative through the Office of Justice Programs at the Department of Justice, and she helped build evaluation capacity for many state juvenile justice agencies through her work with the Juvenile Justice Evaluation Center. Dr. Carson has conducted evaluation trainings for hundreds of program staff and professionals all around the country and locally. With all this, it may not seem like she has much free time, but when she can, she makes time for the things she enjoys, like cycling, rowing and practicing her Spanish (preferably in foreign countries). And sometimes for fun, Taj swims with sharks, and people she wishes would get eaten by sharks.