Inciter | Inciter helps organizations to use data to raise awareness, raise funds, and measure impact.
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Who We Are

Inciter works with nonprofit organizations to turn data into valuable and timely information using powerful tools and a flexible framework. We construct and manage a data ecosystem aligned with your organizational needs leveraging tools that you already have if you are happy with them. We’re agnostic that way. Our collaborative approach allows us to partner with you in developing a data strategy that fits you now and evolves with your organization.

What We Do


Our team of researchers and evaluators put their love for numbers and data to work to help our clients improve their projects and programs. We have the expertise to tackle the evaluation and research projects that strike fear into the hearts of your most industrious staff members. It may seem like there’s an ocean between where you are and where you want to be, but we make the trip easy and we make the trip fun.


We start with a data assessment with every client. We figure out whether you are collecting the right information, storing and processing it in the most efficient way, and getting the right answers from it. Then, we design a data ecosystem that is perfect for where you are now and where your organization is heading. Our strategies and designs take into account what systems you already have, whether that’s a complete database, or a variety of data entry, storage and reporting tools that you are using.


Incite is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform designed to enter and store data, and create reports for nonprofits, associations, and fundraising professionals. We understand the work you do because we’ve been helping you wrangle data for over 15 years. Because we are data geeks you know we made sure that the data stored in our system is as accurate as it can be, and that especially includes the reports that come out of it.

Get Visual with Us

Baltimore DataMind

Deforestation Report

Transportation Report Card

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Breastfeeding Infographic

After School Dashboard


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Why Inciter?

If you love what you do, but not necessarily numbers, we’re here for you. We’re the data nerds you need to get you where you want to go. We’re here to help.

If you want to use data to make your organization stronger and go to the next level, we’ll get you there. Because, after all, trying to communicate the value of your work without data is like trying to row a boat without oars. Yes, you’ll stay afloat, but you’ll drift aimlessly with no way to get to your destination.

Our Skills

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Meet the Team

When you work with Inciter, you get a team of experienced evaluators and researchers with a killer work ethic who are ready to collect, organize, analyze, and report the data you need to improve your program. And if we really like you, we’ll even add infographics.

Kirk Knestis, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant

and Conjuror of Causality

Jill Scheibler, Ph.D.

Senior Research Analyst

and Jill-of-all-Trades

Jacob Joseph, MPS

Solutions Architect

and Soothsaying Polymath

Kristen Halsey, M.S.

Data Analyst

and Data Viz Whiz



and Inquisitor

What We’re Saying

Our Blog

  • 03 Aug Tools to Make Data Cleaning Easier

    Cleaning, wrangling, munging, preparation, validation, ETL, transformation, ELT… these are all different names for “making data more useful.” Whether you’re doing one-off analysis, scheduled reports analytics, or integrating two different data systems or applications, when you work with data, data cleaning is an important part of almost all data processes. Data cleaning is taking data as-is and changing the content, structure or format to be more useful. Removing blank rows and deleting invalid addresses are examples of data cleaning. Data cleaning can be the most laborious part of a data analysis project. At Inciter, we use tools to streamline the process and save us hours of tedious work. There are a seemingly endless number of tools to assist in the process of data cleaning. Some of them can only be......

  • 20 Jul Evaluating Accessibility and Inclusion

    Over the past several months, Inciter has been pleased to work on a project with a summer camp network. The goal of the network is to enhance accessibility and inclusion for campers and staff with disabilities by providing capital improvements, professional development, staff training, research, and evaluation to both participating camps and the field at-large. In many ways the project is similar to the other program evaluations that we work on with organizations, foundations, and agencies – large and small. We began this project by discussing the goals for the initiative and its theory of change, defined key camp audiences and stakeholder groups, and developed measurable indicators to direct instrumentation of data collection. While we’re no strangers to evaluations involving complex constructs (check out our posts about evaluating advocacy efforts,......

Contact Us

Have a question? Want to know more about us? On your death bed in Nigeria and need to send your funds to someone? (Wait, scratch that last one.) Reach out to us however you want. Email or Twitter is probably best, though.


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Unit #5049
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