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hose are two words you may not hear together a lot. And they are two words that are the underpinning of everything we do at Inciter.

What do we do?

We help clients thrive by measuring your impact, which helps you better communicate your value that in turn, bolsters your fundraising.

Measure Impact.

Maybe you have to conduct an evaluation as part of a grant that you received. Or, perhaps your Board has been asking about results, or your staff is starting to wonder how effective a program is. No matter the reason, assessing your programs and activities can help you know where to make improvements, show others what youve accomplished, and be accountable to funders.


If you want to move people, you need stories. And if you want to move skeptics, you need data. Inciter specializes in storytelling with data. Its something we pride ourselves on. And by storytelling, we dont mean fudging the numbers or spinning the facts. We help you tell your organizations stories with real data, so that you can share and act upon the findings of our research and evaluation. This means we present findings in clear, digestible, and visually interesting ways and make sure you and your team know how to access the data whenever you need it.


Fundraising is one of the toughest responsibilities of any organization. Its a lot of work, and its disheartening if youre not seeing results. Well, we can help with that. Well identify the right data, so you can target your communications, figure out what works and what doesnt, and personalize your fundraising efforts to raise more money with less effort. Then, whether you have a whole department or a single person doing the job, we can help you set and track your fundraising goals, saving you time and raising you money.

How do we do this?

We help clients measure impact, communicate, and fundraise through research, visualization, data systems.

Research and Data Analysis

Our team of researchers and evaluators put their love for numbers and data to work to help our clients improve their projects and programs. We have the expertise to tackle the evaluation and research projects that strike fear into the hearts of your most industrious staff members. And, we make sure you have the data you need and know how to use it. It may seem like theres an ocean between where you are and where you want to be, but we make the trip easy and we make the trip fun.

Data Visualization and Mapping

Numbers matter, but what good are they if no one understands them? Thats why data visualization is so important. We live in a data-centric world where staff, board members, and funders use data to make informed decisions every day. And we make them pretty and digestible so that they make sense. And we make sure our clients know how to interpret their data and use it to further the goals of their organizations.


Incite is our new cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform designed to enter, store, and create reports on client data and program activities for nonprofits, foundations, social service agencies, and K-12 education. Incite provides a portal, accessible via desktop or mobile devices for entering data about people, looking up records, and creating reports for funders and decision makers.

Looking to measure your impact, communicate about it, and bolster your fundraising? Well help you through research, visualization, and our new custom software, Incite.

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