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Inciters mission is to make it easy for nonprofit organizations and government agencies to harness data and use it to communicate findings to funders, stakeholders and staff.

Inciter helps clients change the world by using data to tell the story of their impact, raise funds, and advocate for social change. We do this by helping you collect the right information, at the right time, using the right tools, and turning it into powerful products that you can use to communicate about your impact, advocate for your cause, and raise funds.

Enter, Incite Incite is our new cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform designed to enter, store, and create reports on client data and program activities for nonprofits, foundations, social service agencies, and K-12 education. Incite provides a portal accessible via desktop or mobile devices for entering data about people, looking up records, and creating reports for funders and decision makers.

We built it for our clients. We’ve been there frustrated by data management software options because we didn’t love what we saw, so we built our own custom software to gather, manage, and report on data. Our data system works because we know our customers. We understand the work you do because weve been helping you wrangle data for over 15 years. We built Incite after extensive user testing to make sure it was easy for our clients, and because we are data geeks you know we made sure that the data stored there is as accurate as it can be, and that especially includes the reports that come out of Incite.

What does Incite do? Because Incite uses modern standards of web development, user interface design, and data visualization, it has additional benefits for agencies using standard database software such as Access, or even web-hosted applications such as Efforts to Outcomes, Apricot, of FamCare. Benefits include:

  • More accurate data using best practices for data validation and user interface design.
  • More data as staff get the customer support they need to use the system, and a more intuitive system overall.
  • Long-term Support: database includes customer service allowing your staff to focus on organizational objectives instead of database management.
  • Export: your data belongs to you. This model allows you to export your entire database at any time in an Excel readable format.
  • Portability: database will be accessible via secure credentials from remote locations allowing staff more flexibility in work location.
  • Our customer support staff are evaluators not computer technicians. So they understand the work you are doing and how you are using the data.
  • Our pricing is not based on how many users you have, its based on how much data you have. The number of forms, reports, and clients determine the price.
  • We have an open API so Incite can integrate with other databases you use.
  • Our entire product is mobile and tablet friendly so you get a full feature set when using non desktop devices.

Interested? [Contact us](mailto: contact@inciter.io) and we can tell you more…..

Find us at Inciter.io

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